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Unbelieving Evil

The fall from grace is

nothing more than believing in something other than Love. The concept of evil is man-made thus, it can be unmade. Fighting evil means you believe in it. Fearing evil means you believe in it. Judging evil means you believe in it. Blaming others for evil means you believe in it. Calling anything evil means you believe in it. But, you don’t have to. What if you put the power of your belief–which is the power to make things real–into something else?

Love is the only thing that’s real. Love – Life – Spirit – Source – Creative Force – the Universe – the Great Mystery – it’s what everything comes from, is, and to which it all returns. Believing that we or anything is other than Love calls forth experiences of fear and pain, prompting people to do devilish deeds, which then causes more and often worse fear and pain, thus, feeding the misperception that evil is real. It’s a vicious cycle that must be stopped where it began: with the choice to believe that it is real.

Since the idea of evil has been woven into myth and religion worldwide, bedtime stories, language and social mores for so long, unbelieving evil may prove to be quite challenging. We’re so deep in it that to refute its existence makes me sound crazy! Well, Love isn’t crazy. Love is nice. Love is strong. Love holds and comforts and empowers and creates and includes and opens and gives. I like Love a lot and I give it A LOT of attention. The more I believe in Love, the sweeter, happier, richer and more beautiful my life is. But, it took me a while to wrap my head around how everything could be Love when I perceived so many terrible and “evil” things happening in our world.

The first big step in this direction came during my shamanic training, when, through the wisdom of my teacher, I saw that anything appearing evil or monstrous (in a person or to a person) is instead, wounded (damaged, distorted, dysfunctional, etc.) and in need of special attention. The more terrible the wound, the louder, uglier and more horrifying its expression. You may even know of someone who is just one big, screaming, oozing, lashing out wound! Unfortunately, the typical response to an active wound is fear, avoidance, rejection, judgment, hatred, blame, shame and so on which compounds the wound, making it worse, bigger and more complex. More people (and environments) are affected, wounded in turn, and then go on to wound others. The poison spreads. It escalates to riots, wars, violence and destruction everywhere. Clearly, a different response is needed.

Look at the most disliked people in the world or in your life, or the most disliked aspects in yourself, and see if you can suspend judgment for a few minutes and consider how they and their behavior might be a product of any number of wounding experiences. This is not a pass for “bad behavior;” it is a long-term and far-reaching remedy that breaks a vicious cycle with a change in perception–a change in consciousness. Continuing to believe in a person’s “evilness” doesn’t solve or help anything. It only keeps you and them in a lie. I must add, though, that in the case of an abusive situation, choosing to see a person with Love does not mean that you sacrifice yourself or keep them in your life. Love is also self-preserving and self-protecting.

Once I understood this “Love is the only thing that’s real” business I had to make it stick in my head. I used affirmations to make new mental train tracks and drown out the discordant lies I’d known and operated under my whole life. I stopped allowing certain thoughts–basically, anything that didn’t feel good. Love feels good. Lies do not. In the ongoing chatter of the mind–latent comebacks, things I wanted to say to people, reflexive reaction thoughts throughout the day, judgments about whatever–I consciously identified thoughts that were lies and I’d literally say to myself, “That’s a lie. I’m not going to entertain it. It’s not allowed in my house. Love lives here.” When I caught myself speaking or acting on unloving but socially acceptable premises, I remedied my words and actions as soon as possible. This all took time, and I’m still working on it. Dismantling and unlearning lifetimes and generations of programming doesn’t happen in a snap.

Unbelieving evil in my own thoughts, words and actions may not stop a murderer or a crook or a suicide bomber (or maybe it would–we are all contributing to the collective conscious!) but it will–it has–drastically improved the quality of everything in my life. The better my life gets, the better it is for the people around me, and their people, and everything we do, and everywhere we go, and guess what? Now, instead of a vicious cycle, we have a vital cycle that perpetuates kindness, respect, understanding, consideration, joy, creativity, mutual benefit and on and on with all the things everybody wants. Life is strife without Love. Why would anyone choose that when we can feast on the sumptuous and unparalleled fruits of Love?