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The Wisdom of Thoth

April 1, 2020

I offer this like a leaf floating on water. You can pick it up or let it drift on by.

Until a few weeks ago, Thoth was a distant and largely unfamiliar figure in my mind – part of another culture’s psyche and mythology. I knew no more than the basics about him and what he symbolized. That changed dramatically in one day following a dream in which he subtly hooked my attention, prompting me to research certain elements, words, and images in my dream which then led me into discovering who and what he was: a wisdom seeker like so many of us – striving to understand and master his own consciousness in the infinite dimensions of existence.


After a couple of weeks of learning about and connecting with the powerful yet humble presence of Thoth, I finally thought to try and dialogue with him directly. I had come across a prophecy of his that seemed to fit our times and considering what’s transpired in the last month I wanted to know if we were well and truly in it. I don’t claim to know what “it” entails, but the feeling of ‘urgency to change’ has lived with me for as long as I can remember and our current situation is certainly revving that up in me now.


So, I asked.


Thoth, are we at the time you predicted in the Emerald Tablets? Is it about to all come tumbling down? Certainly feels like it could. And, honestly, there’s a light in me yearning for, calling for the change. I’m one of many. We don’t wish for pain and destruction, but I don’t know how we can avoid it – that’s what we’ve created and how we live.


This is the first frost of fall. Your race will systematically be stripped of its glittering falsities: unnecessary and harmful luxuries, amenities and conveniences. The tree of human life is strangled and suffocating and beset with parasites, but the roots are strong. Winter is coming and the tree will go bare, but it will recharge and revitalize in the trunk. The pruning will be a relief. There are enough Earth-Knowers alive in your population to keep the tree alive, and there are enough beyond Earth beings of expanded consciousness to make it [the transition] easier and provide energetic resources. You will work together – Earth and Sky Knowers. The tree has been pruned before and is stronger for it.


Images came with his words and I understand the “parasites” to be the frenetic practices and habits that fill our days, wasting our time, life force and creative energy. We’re choking on non-essential and meaningless content. I will leave the rest of his words in this segment to do their own work with you.


I didn’t get a sense of how slow or fast the totality of this will happen, but it does feel tangible and close, like the wheels are already moving, like the pandemic is just the trigger. I also got that people will have widely varying experiences; it will be very difficult for some, and hardly at all for others. It is my understanding that his answer is not a forecast of total destruction and collapse, rather a heads up that we’re entering a time of repair and reorientation, in which life will change drastically, as we are already beginning to discover.


Do you have any advice for us?


You will naturally start to tribe up, but instead of making boundaries between the “tribes” and maintaining attitudes of distrust and separation, be a network. That’s something you’ve already cultivated in your society, so you know how – it’ll just operate a little differently. Stay connected, share information, skills, talents, resources. It will make surviving a lot easier and more pleasant.


Stay away from chaos – people and mentalities out of control emotionally. That’s where the most destruction will happen. Fear-fueled fury, rage, hatred, self-righteous indignation; those who are mentally and emotionally unstable; those lost in addictions and illusions – these conditions make people vulnerable to disease and prone to violence, individually and collectively. They are energetically weak.


In regards to the last bit, the directive is clear: prohibit negative and emotionally volatile states in yourself, avoid hanging around lower vibrational environments (physical or virtual), and don’t engage with people who are consciously entrenched in those states. He was not referring to mentally ill people that require care or others who are actively seeking therapeutic help and support to grow, heal and transform.


“Those lost in illusions” seems to pertain to those so deeply ingrained with dogmatic ideologies, religious, political or otherwise, that they can’t see or tolerate anything else. And the last sentence, “They are energetically weak,” came with the understanding that people in the above described states are easily taken over by negative influences of varying sorts: fear-mongering, mob mentality, unconscious urges, irrationality, destructive behavior, etc.


Wise advice overall I’d say, but it feels extra imperative now, like following it will make a real difference in how this time is weathered.


Even though it happened quickly, it would take too long to tell you how he became very real, alive, and now a spirit friend and Ally to me, but I can say that he has shown himself to be pure. His energetic presence is weightless, clear, benevolent, elevating and comforting. His drive and purpose is wisdom, and he shares his vast consciousness freely for those who seek it in their heart of hearts. He wants us to also be wise. It’s no coincidence to me that he’s showing up now as our world is moving swiftly into the unknown.


I dare to hope that real and beneficial change is upon us, finally. I dare to hope that the consciousness of Love that has been building in humanity for the last several decades is leading the way. I dare to hope that the collective desire to return to living in harmony with the whole is strong enough to see us through. I dare to hope that humanity will both humble down and rise into remembrance of its divinity. And then start acting like it! 🙂