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The Crazy Train

Humanity will go out on the rails of the crazy train because that’s what we are.

Brilliant and insane

Reckless and brave

Wondrous and bizarre

Our power is terrifying and our weaknesses are fatal. We are devastatingly creative!

But, how else could we be? We were made to live on the edge of impossible. We are driven to push into the Unknown. Certainly, we must be stupendously arrogant, narrow-sighted and delusional for if we saw what it takes and what we have to go through to do what we do, we wouldn’t dare do anything at all!

Magnificent magicians we are, fooling and delighting ourselves with our own illusions. Playing in our magic bubbles, our creations dazzle the cosmos even as we self-destruct. We need not despair though, it is the nature of existence to eternally come and go. The gift of Life is a death sentence. That is why we must be so beautifully crazy!

And in the end (which will be the next beginning), when the collective bubble bursts, “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

The barefoot ones with flowers in their hair, kin to the green and growing things, with life in their eyes–they will sing the earth abloom again. A new fellowship of life will sprout… and who will we be then?