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Mandy has worked with me for over three years—both Shamanic healing and meditation classes. It is hard for me to put in words what I have experienced as a result of her wonderful, healing skills. It has been a journey of self-discovery, and I am truly a different person than I was before working with Mandy. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma three years ago, and am currently cancer free. She helped me deal with my fear of death, and taught me to listen to and nourish my inner soul. Through spirit guides and angels she was able to present me with the perfect information for my own spiritual journey. I gained insight and assistance I desperately needed to remain calm and peaceful during frightening times. I felt so safe and cared for by Mandy’s talent and ability to touch my soul. Because of Mandy, I have the courage and confidence to face each day and live in the moment with a feeling of peace and love. 

G.S.  Nevada


My sessions with Mandy - whether in person or via phone - never fail to leave me with a greater sense of clarity, purpose, insight, healing and practical suggestions for applying the new and shifted energy in my daily life. She is truly a gifted healer and I am grateful for her guidance, both personally and professionally. 

Lindsey M.  Idaho 


Mandy has a very kind and gentle energy, she made me feel comfortable and earned my trust quickly. When I talk to Mandy I feel that she genuinely cares about me as a person and wants me to achieve my dreams and become the person I want to be. In a short time the progress that we've been able to make is even more than I had hoped for. I am truly astounded at what Mandy is able to do, she has a gift for knowing exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time to help me down my path of self-discovery and growth. I give Mandy my highest recommendations, the positive impact she has had on my life is priceless.  

A.M. Washington 


Mandy's session with me was incredible! She truly tuned into the depth of what was going on with me and I know that the work she did in that space is providing me with the help that I need. What she saw and shared with me was right on; exactly what I needed to hear and know. Mandy is a gentle soul with a powerful energy and an honest desire to tune into what is there. Mandy is the real thing and I feel so blessed to have found her. 

Connie P.  Washington 


​​Working with Mandy King as a shaman has been a gift, a profound lesson in healing, and a universal blessing. Mandy is able to assist her clients in reaching into the depths of their heart, their soul and replace those painful, dark crevices with light, love and healing. She guides clients with a gentle firmness in finding answers for both their present and past life events, brings meaning to years of dysfunction, and mentors them onto a path that, for some, is centuries in the making. Myself and my family have been blessed with her genuine abilities of insight and healing the human heart and mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Mandy King to anyone seeking to peacefully reconcile their heart and mind with their past and present journey in life. 

Heidi M.  Wyoming 


It’s difficult for me to condense all that Mandy has accomplished on my behalf into just a few sentences. From our first session, I felt Mandy’s strong alignment and peace, and it showed in the synchronicity I experienced while working with her. I felt my energy shift, and that shift manifested with the (almost miraculous) healing of broken but important relationships in my life. I found myself shedding so much baggage and truly looking forward for the first time in years. With each subtle shift, I found more and more personal insight and clarity. Mandy is also an amazing resource - she has shared with me many books and recordings that continue to inspire me in my daily life. Mandy, thank you for all of the ways you’ve strengthened me and helped me find peace. 

Crystal B. Utah