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Special Offerings


Where would you like to bring more beauty and meaning into your life?

Shamanic ceremonies and rituals are how we join with Spirit in a sacred way to celebrate life, facilitate healings, initiations and transitions and to deepen our experience in what matters most to us. It would be my honor and joy to craft sacred ceremony with you!

Special Occasion Ceremonies

  • Celebrate weddings, birthdays and new beginnings
  • Soften and ease big life transitions and rites of passage
  • Align with moon and seasonal cycles
  • Medicine Walks

" Mandy created a tender and sacred ceremony to be performed right before my partner & I walked down the aisle on our wedding day. Her personalized blessing for us set the intention and tone for our day. Knowing how much I don’t like to be the center of attention, I expected to be nervous & overwhelmed walking down the aisle but instead, I felt grounded, calm and fully present. What a gift! I can’t thank Mandy enough for creating such a powerful blessing. It supported & carried us through the whole day." -Jen George


Please inquire about prices, for they will depend on complexity and duration of ceremony.

Land & Home Clearing & Blessing

  • Release old energies and bless a home or business property with new intentions and Beauty
  • Maximize positive results by preparing land or home for building or major renovations
  • Increase enjoyment and success by aligning with the Spirits of the Land where you live or work
  • Facilitate property transfer for buyers, sellers and realtors


$250 minimum
Depends on travel distance and size of home or business and property

Transformational Tarot Readings

  • Receive guidance, clarity and direction from your own Soul
  • Access the wisdom within and see the truth
  • Illuminate blocks and blind spots for real growth and transformation


$45 for 30 minutes, $80 for 60 minutes
Offered in person, over phone, or live video

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