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I’m on a local Malibu FB group and have been witnessing the whole spectrum of human response since the fire in November. Lots of love, kindness, compassion and willingness to help each other as well as judgment and blame regarding how the fire started, who’s responsible, was it deliberate, why there weren’t firemen at my house, and who’s now trying to take advantage of the traumatized community.


On the Friday morning of the fire, I stood on a hill and watched a monstrous glob of white and black marshmallows billow and roll over the mountains. Listening to the land and Fire, it was clear that an overdue regenerative cleansing was taking place. What happened is really, really sad—the burnt land, the animals that died, the people who lost their homes. But Mother Nature, a creative and resilient force in us and the land, always comes back! It is Her nature to rebalance and renew Herself and She will use whatever resources and forces of nature, including human, that are available to Her. Whether or not human error, accidental or intentional, contributed to the fire, it was bound to happen eventually, and we are all responsible in the context that we participate in a wasteful, irresponsible and unsustainable society. This isn’t a judgment—I grew up the same as most Americans and I live by using poorly sourced and managed power and resources, generating trash every day and contributing to the pollution of our environment. I don’t know how to live off the land, as much as I fantasize about it, and I’m just trying to survive like everyone else in the system that surrounds me.


That being said, it seems inevitable that the world as we know it is on its way out and I suspect—sadly—that we will continue to see the end of many species and natural habitats but also, hopefully, much of our own destructive behavior. I do not despair though, for as the old crumbles, the new world is sprouting everywhere, nurtured by an evolving human consciousness that is reaching and stretching itself as far as it can towards a holistic existence. Earth-friendly technology, Earth-wisdom, consideration of the greater good and other living beings, sustainability, loving kindness, true health and happiness, self-awareness and spiritual awakening are desired, practiced and happening all around! It is this consciousness which will survive and feed the future and what gives me the greatest hope. We might be our own downfall, but we are also our own redemption. Homo sapiens may go the way of the dinosaurs but perhaps a new human, maybe homo luminous as coined by shaman, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, will shine upon the Earth one day. Whatever happens, I have no doubt that beauty and goodness will cover this Earth again because that’s who She is and that’s what Love does. Love always wins so who wants to be on team Love? I do! I do!