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Nine Venus Pillars Of Ascension

A few nights ago, a dream voice said, “Venus Pillars Of Ascension.” Today, for a different reason, I ventured into a heart-healing journey that took place in a circular chamber deep inside an ancient white temple. During the journey, Venusian Priestesses appeared to facilitate my healing. When the healing was finished, nine white pillars appeared around me and I spent time with each one discovering what they all were.

To my best understanding, these are the ways our Souls and Spirits connect and/or reunite with the Divine during our human experience.

1. The first one I touched scared me so I visited the rest before coming back to this one. The energy in and of the pillar was moving so fast it began sucking my fingertips up with it. I let go immediately. I didn’t touch it again but I eventually understood what it was: The Ultimate Sacrifice. Giving your life for another, martyrdom, fighting to the death for something you believe in.

2. Evenly spaced blue energy “rings” pulse up at a much slower pace: steady, gentle and rhythmic. It is the energy of Selfless Service, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Karma Yoga.

3. Floating Shimmers: At first, I couldn’t tell how the ascension happened. Maybe it’s the way particles disappear and appear somewhere else. It feels like what I think an ecstatic hallucinogenic experience might be. (I’ve never had one.) This one felt like it would be very easy to go nowhere… but then I got it. It IS Ecstatic Trance but the ceremonial kind, not recreational drug-induced. Ritual practices like Vision Quests, Sweat Lodges, intense breath work, deep meditation, mantra chanting, ecstatic dance, etc. You do kind-of disappear in one dimension and reappear in another in those experiences.

4. The Weaving: I see afghans of all different colors inside this pillar. People in Community, Weaving, Connection, Support, Strength in Unity. We ascend when we connect and unite with each other.

5. Sporadic Fireworks Explosions: Must be those rare, dramatic (or traumatic) life-changing moments and events. Car Accidents or Physical Injury, Near Death Experiences, the Moment of Triumph after a long struggle, Having a Baby, Losing Someone Dear…

6. Entwined Spirals: Two energy beams spiral around each other up and up, faster and faster until they become a single vibrating blur. Take a wild guess! True Love, Soul Union, Partnership of Equals.

7. The Mystery: It seems empty, void and still but it is not nothing. It is the Space Between All Things and takes tremendous practice to spend time there.

8. The Climb: Step by step, this one is more mechanical in its ascension process, like gears clicking into place. It is slow but full of rich experience.

9. The Families: the slowest ascending of all the pillars, this one is generational. I saw a broad platform in the pillar with many people on it having all of their life experiences together. It is the ascension of a bloodline or a whole family. It includes the passages of birth and death. I don’t understand it totally but I know it is so slow because it waits for all the people to move up together at a pace everyone can handle.