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Meet Mandy King

A heart that beats in rhythm with the wonder and beauty of the natural world


Shortly after I began a three year shamanic training program in 2010 with my esteemed teacher, Valerie Wolf, I knew, all the way through, that the earthy and exquisite soul path as a shaman is what my whole life had been leading to. It was a song my heart already knew. My early years, filled with family hiking and backpacking adventures, instilled in me a deep love and respect for nature which opened the door to the Earth-based spirituality of shamanism. At 12 years old, we moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota in the heart of Sioux land. Surrounded by a rich, native history, I soon recognized in Native American culture a way of life that made sense to me. It wasn't until many years later though, after I had learned and practiced a variety of healing arts, that the shamanic Way of Beauty welcomed me home.  


she breathes

The stones and bones of the Earth am I

Her dark Water, my hidden blood​ 

She breathes my Soul with whispers and howls of Wind 

Molten womb of life, her creative Fire I burn 


In the embracing Sky we are held  

By the visioning Clouds we are seen 

Kissed by the Rain we are blessed 

With the Sun, Moon and Stars we shine!  

Mandy King 


exploring the human-spirit existence

Fascinated by the workings of the Mind-Body-Soul, my career has included massage therapy, Reiki, Psych-K, tarot, fitness and nutrition, kundalini yoga and meditation. In living, working and, in some cases, teaching these practices, I have gained a thorough understanding of the depth of human experience and how to successfully navigate the complexities of spirit-human existence. I utilize all these tools as a shaman and I heartily enjoy sharing the gifts of health and well-being in private practice and in group classes and events.  


Home is in the Santa Monica Mtns of CA, but I periodically travel to southern Idaho, Mesquite, NV and Virginia Beach, VA for work and pleasure.  Subscribe to my newsletter in the footer below for updates on events and workshops! 

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