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How does a session work?

As a shaman, I work with Spirit to affect positive change and transformation.

This transformation takes place on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Within and beyond the physical realm is an energetic reality which precedes all manifested conditions and circumstances. A skilled shaman of integrity successfully navigates the spirit realms to heal, restore balance, discover new paths and possibilities, gain wisdom and insight and ultimately, to serve Love, which, by nature, serves the greater good of all. In this way a shaman tends all manner of issues for people, animals, homes, land and various environments.

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    My responsibilities as Shaman

    • Tend to unhealed wounds (past traumatic experiences and subsequent dysfunctional patterns) 
    • Provide wisdom and practical guidance for living in "right relationship" 
    • Guide and encourage you along your soul's path 
    • Aid in the passage of birth and death: the major transitions of existence 
    • Cultivate the health and well-being of all life

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    How a session unfolds

    In private session, I will invite you to share a brief personal history of significant events and relationships. We will also discuss any current issues to be addressed. You will then comfortably lie or sit down as I journey with animal spirit guides, ancestors and other spirit beings who offer information and direction for the healing. Embedded in my work is a set intention of serving your highest good. In this way, no harm is caused by inappropriate or untimely actions. Just the right amount and the right kind of healing is provided in each session. 

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    Healing Tools

    In and out of private session, I draw from many traditional and powerful shamanic practices. To read a detailed overview of these methods, please visit this page. In addition to these practices, I often incorporate drums, rattles, songs, musical instruments and essential oils in a healing session. Sacred items such as feathers, stones, crystals, traditional shields and medicine bundles also play an important part in my work.  

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    The Way of Beauty

    Over time, as wounds, dysfunctional patterns and limiting beliefs are healed or released, creative energy becomes increasingly accessible. That's when the real fun begins! We are now able to focus your creative power on consciously manifesting and realizing the soul-centered life you truly desire. In this fully integrated state, we are whole-hearted, confident, passionate, joyful, courageous and positive-minded. We are excited and motivated to develop and share our unique gifts with the world. We shine! This is the Way of Beauty. 


Access renewed joy and inspired creativity through remembering how infinitely loved and loving you are.

Enjoy a free copy of this powerful book when you purchase either of my signature session series: Design Your Reality or Access Deep Healing.