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Eating To Stay

I journeyed with Eagle this morning, asking for instruction and assistance in seeing energy directly. As you might know or imagine, lessons with spirits are usually experiential – you just do the thing and learn as you go. So there we were, flying way up high–and since I’m now part Eagle but still with my Mandy-consciousness–I see a little mouse far down below and a distance away right when he sees it.

“How do you see Mouse so far away?” I ask.

I see that mouse because she is asking to be seen.

“Why on earth would she do that?” I’m justifiably perplexed.

She wants to fly. 

Eagle goes on to explain how they need each other, how dependent they are on each other and how close their relationship is. My ability to see in such clear detail is the gift of Mouse–the up close view–and I receive that gift by eating her. And when a mouse is ready for expanded perception–my gift to Mouse–she or he sends out a signal to be seen and I swoop her up allowing her to soar and eventually become Eagle through consumption. Eagle lifts her off the Earth and out of her small, but in no way less valuable life. I have a similar relationship with Snake, Gopher, Rat, small birds and other prey but the gifts we exchange are unique to each species. 

Fascinating! But for some reason, my train of thought shifts slightly. Knowing that Eagle is a symbol of Spirit because it flies so high and comes closest to that unreachable elevation, I internally wonder why Eagle doesn’t just fly right back into Spirit. Reading my thoughts, (as usually happens with spirit) Eagle answers my unasked question.

The need to eat keeps me here. 

BOOM! That statement explodes in my mind and in an instant I see how it is true for EV-REE-THING. The need to eat keeps us all here. If we didn’t have to eat, we’d drift right back to non-physical being-ness. The food chain literally binds us to life. And by “us” I mean all of physical existence. I see how everything from mineral to human to mass systems are eventually consumed or transformed, one way or another, so that life can keep being alive. But specifically for living organisms, without the need to eat, nothing would stay here!

I am in harmony with my relationship with food, but many people aren’t. Guilt, judgment, moral-ethical issues, extreme wastefulness and overindulgence abound when it comes to humans and food. Certainly, a better balance could be found in regards to our place in the food chain (and our management of it), but this revelation points out that the physical existence of the whole world–all that is, all that we do, all that we enjoy–rests upon the need to eat!

Maybe I’m not at peace with my own eating as much as I thought because this calms and settles me down even more on a primal or maybe deep soul level. You know what I think it is? Another bit of assurance from something greater than I that I belong here, that we’re here on purpose.

Time for breakfast!