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Design Your Reality

A shamanic journey following the Way of Beauty

Realizing dreams and successfully sharing unique gifts is best achieved in partnership with Spirit. Through visioning, dreamweaving and inspired action, the process of conscious creation unfolds with clarity and ease.


Are you ready to say YES! to your dreams and desires? Are you ready to flow with Spirit into the perfect life for you?

There is no one like you! We all share countless similarities but every single one of us has a magnificently unique way of expressing the infinite creativity of Spirit. The ideas that inspire you, the skills you desire to learn and master, the experiences that fulfill and delight you NEED YOU to make them real and meaningful. And, you need them to grow and thrive. When you say, "yes" or shout out a "hells yeah!" to who you really are - be it gentle dove or mighty lion - the universe and all of life sings "YES!" to you in joyful amplification. In our work together, we'll blaze a Soulfire path that is spiritually supported and equipped with tools and practices that facilitate the unfolding of your most beautiful life.

Are you ready to have some fun with Spirit?

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    This path is for you if...

    • You feel dissatisfied and restless in your current conditions

    • You're ready to move to the next level but are not sure how

    • You wish to live in a way that inspires and fulfills you
    • You want to discover your Soul's path and realign your life to it (relationships, work, lifestyle, etc)

    • You desire to consciously co-create with Spirit, manifesting with greater ease and skill

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    Living the Way of Beauty

    Shamanism, often called the Way of Beauty, is the practice of living in "right relationship." Being in right relationship means to think, speak and act with love and respect for all of life. We are in constant relationship with everything: our bodies, the food we eat, our material possessions, the work and activities we do, all the beings that inhabit Mother Earth, and beyond that, the universe in its entirety. By viewing oneself as an accountable individual and the "other" as a valued and integral partner in all these relationships, we learn to live more conscientiously, gracefully and ultimately, successfully because life lived in the Beauty Way serves the greater good and we all thrive in its inherent sustainability. In short, the more we Live in Love, the more beautiful life is!

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    The journey to self-actualization

    Explore, experiment, experience and express! That's what our Souls came here to do while also knowing that there would be many challenges in each sacred journey through life. However, it is the navigation of these challenges, be they internal fears and blocks or external conditions, that stimulates the development of our innate potential AND gives rise to the desires we seek to fulfill. Not only do we literally realize who we are during this journey, we take the stuff we're made of and make it real in the external world, giving it form and expression in our relationships, vocations and environs. Self-realization is always happening for everyone, but when we do it in conscious alignment with Spirit, our paths unfold in ways more perfect and beautiful than we could ever imagine.

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    In this work, you will enjoy...

    • The delight of discovering MORE of yourself and your creative power
    • How easy it is to manifest with Spirit
    • The artful weaving of your dreams and desires into the fabric of reality
    • Lifelong benefits from living the Way of Beauty
    • The enriched satisfaction and deep peace of living a Soul-centered life

Say YES! to YOU and let's bring your dreams to Life! Let's unleash your creative spirits and have some fun!

Initiation Path: 3 Sessions

To discover new paths, make life changes or invoke the help and power of Spirit to get going on a desired path.

Crafter's Path: 6 Sessions

A dedicated time of consistent weaving and creating with Spirit on your chosen paths; i.e. creative endeavors, fulfilling relationships, career goals, health and body, prosperity, etc.

Master's Path: 10 Sessions

To learn and practice living the Way of Beauty in all areas of your life for ongoing success and delight!

Single Sessions Available

All private sessions are provided in exchange for a free will offering.

This work is valuable - worthy of honor and respect. Those who truly seek it will give appropriately according to their means.


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