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Coyote National Guard

Waking early to a cool, downy fog, I know it is the kind of morning that has secrets and surprises and I better get out on the land if I want to be a part of the magic! Once on the dirt trail where I jog and hike and talk to the spirits, I come upon my neighbor and his two dogs. He’s very excited as one of his dogs and a young coyote had actually PLAYED together on the dirt road for several minutes, chasing each other, feinting left and right, tails wagging–no biting, snarling or fear. He shows me the video and my own excitement stirs at their free and easy play. Was it dangerous? Maybe, but it seemed like both canines were simply enjoying themselves to the max. After sharing delight and exclamations at their antics, we both go on our way.


Feeling a very strong presence of the unexpected infusing the air, I stop jogging to acquire a long sturdy stick, just in case… Sure enough, I come around a bend and there they are–two beautiful juveniles about 20 feet in front of me. They watch me warily but don’t run off. I halt gently and greet them. After a few moments, I walk towards them as I wish to continue my jog and there are lots of places they could go if they want to disappear. They start walking as I do but don’t veer from the trail. I pick up the pace to an easy jog and their amble becomes a trot. Looking back frequently at me, they stay between 10 and 30 feet in front of me for a good seven or eight minutes even though there are plenty of side trails which they could take! I keep up a steady stream of soft chatter with them as we run and although I’m also wary, I cannot detect one whiff of fear or aggression coming from them. Bubbling with delight, I try to maintain a calm energy so my run with the coyotes lasts as long as they allow. Eventually, we reach a big fork; I go back up the hill while they continue down. WOW!


As soon as they disappear, I turn my inner attention to the Spirit of Coyote, knowing that this is another invitation to speak with the Coyote Council. They show me how they are the “foot soldiers” of Mother Earth, working to maintain a natural harmony and balance, especially at the human-wild borders. Their intelligence and cleverness are enough like ours that they can survive in close proximity to human/urban environments. By their own nature, they help keep the border humans aware of and respectful of the wild. A strong point is made that although in number and movement they are like foot soldiers, they are not an army and we are not an enemy. They would be our teachers if we would listen and learn.


As I finish my run, my train of thought shifts and I decide to lay down for a concentrated journey with Coyote. A very curious idea has me wanting to find out more. Comfortable off the main trail, laying in the scrub, I ask my question, “Are you guys running the show in Washington D.C.?”  Knowing the nature of Coyote: Coyote the Trickster, Coyote the Fool, Clever Coyote Getting Caught In His Own Traps, Coyote of Chaos and Confusion, it occurred to me that D.C. might be a perfect circus for Crazy Coyote.


“Not quite, although we are involved. What you are referring to is a pack of rabid dogs. The worst ones will kill each other or die off on their own but we’re assisting the fray—throwing some curve balls, opening secret doors, helping certain people hang themselves (metaphorically), scattering pearls of wisdom and cleaning the carcasses.”


Through images they share with me, I understand that Coyotes are “pick-pockets of the mind”—inserting bits and pieces of information and thoughts and hiding or shielding other bits from consciousness. They can very subtly guide or steer a train of thought in this way, manipulating perception like sleight of hand. They can trip people up or guide them to safety; which way someone goes depends on their purity of heart.


Is our country in danger? Are we vulnerable? Are we headed for the Dark Ages?  (I’m thinking of what a shitshow our government is these days and how it might be our demise.)

“Ahh, that’s all a smokescreen, a sideshow, a decoy.”

What’s it hiding?

“It’s not so much hiding something as it is distracting and drawing attention away from something else.”

Which is?

“The birth and development of the new guard which will eventually take over and implement a new rule. The rabid dogs are feeding on the dwindling remains of what is already dead—the old ways, the old power structures. They themselves are dead; they just don’t know it yet. This country is far from lost but the power and future of the U.S. is in the new and not yet established so it is, on some level, vulnerable.”


I see. Ok, but–(I feel sad and a little ashamed admitting this)–I know that thousands, maybe even millions of people around the world are coming up with brilliant new ideas and technology that are earth-friendly and sustainable but why do I see overall that we (human civilization and planetary life in general) are going down? Why do I see the deterioration, destruction and downfall of our world? Why can’t I see an overall hopeful or positive vision of us?


“You can’t see it because you and those millions of others are it! Look in the mirror if you want to see a bright future. A Coyote can’t see its whole self, only the parts that it looks at. It has a sense of self but can’t see the entirety of its whole body. When you create, live and hold yourself to your happy, healthy vision of reality, you make that vision real for yourself and those around you. You make it easier for others to believe in, thus create, the same reality for themselves. The more individuals that hold to this truth, the more real it is for everyone. The idea of a utopian civilization is what feeds people’s hopes and desires for a better future and it draws them forward into the fulfillment of it! You, living your ideals and principles in your shining bubble, is kinship and company for other shining bubbles and it promotes the birth or awakening process of even more into their own shining bubbles. *POP!* *POP!* *POP!*


Yes, you can see the downfall–what’s crumbling to bits—because it’s outside of you. You’re not in it. Don’t let your eyes deceive you though. What you see may be true, but it’s not the whole picture.”


I understand but I still just sink inside when everywhere I look there are more people, more land development, more machines, more craziness and the beautiful, wild world of nature that I love is getting smaller, fewer and farther in between.


“You gotta let it go, Mandy. You cannot change the course of evolution, nor judge it. You do you. Period. Trust in Love; it knows the way. In YOU is where you can wield the power of creation and in YOU is the only place you have that power. All other attempts at power are flimsy, brittle and exhausting to maintain. Live in Love, in yourself—that’s challenge enough in the world you live in!”


No shit.

Thank you Coyote. It is an honor, delight and education to speak with you. Blessings upon the Coyote Council and National Guard.