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Council Fire

May 1, 2020

On Saturday, April 25th, I was guided to ask permission to join a Council Fire with many Elders. I’ve been in attendance off and on every day, and at least one night in my dreams since then. The following is what a few of them had to say. Keep in mind that even among spirits, there are many perspectives – some coming from unfamiliar dimensions – and many ways to understand and interpret. The wisdom of the Council Fire is that all be heard and respected.

Some of the spirits were more blunt than I normally experience them, but when I pressed them and myself for authenticity, their words, energy and sentiments held fast. It seems a come-uppance is due for us, and if it feels a little bleak, keep reading! There would be no bright tomorrow without the sunset of today.


What do the Trees have to say?

What happens when you lose your balance? You stumble and sometimes fall over. 

You’ve fallen over, and because you already live on a slippery slope, and your shallow roots are tangled up and wrapped around the unsustainable, you are in great danger of falling further into real harm and injury. You are already sliding, and you may not be able to catch yourselves. Even if you do, it will be a treacherous climb to bring yourselves to safety on stable ground. (I understand “stable ground” to mean living in sustainable ways on the Earth.)

Dig into the Earth as best you can, meaning return to the Earthwise ways. Ask for help; be helpful – to humans, other physical beings and spirits alike. Connect; make small or large networks; share strength; share burdens and ease the difficulty.

Thank you, Trees. 


What do the Creature Beings have to say?

Good luck y’all. Way to ruin it for the rest of us! (Long pause in which I felt I was being measured. Along the lines of whether answering me was worth the bother since we haven’t been listening for a long time. I waited patiently and they eventually continued.) But, it’s not entirely your fault – it’s part of the evolutionary process, aka growing up. Your power far exceeds your wisdom, so you are bound to self-destruct until you humble down and recognize the presence and vital counsel of the multitude of intelligent beings in the Universe. 

There have always been some among you who have known this and wisely sought beyond yourselves. Now, more of you are waking up to greater connections, and the increase and expansion of interspecies and interdimensional relationships will benefit all. In Spirit, we love you and will help you whenever you ask with a pure heart. In flesh, we know you are not to be trusted. Of course, there are exceptions.

A long time ago, there was love, appropriate fear and respect between humans and top predators. Death was dealt out between you on both sides with honor and understanding. But somewhere along the way, humans began to view their own lives as more valuable and they failed to respect and honor the lives of not only the animals, but the plants, waters, winds, and lands that sustained them, thus losing the balance of life and death. You lost sight of the greater good and we have all been suffering since.

It will take great effort on your part to right your wrongs and reclaim a place of health, harmony and proper function in the Great Web of Life. Like we said, we are here for you if you ask for help, but no one can do it for you. You are your own salvation. You have access to all wisdom, all strength and all ability, but you must implement it yourself.

Thank you, Creature Beings.


What does Covid19 have to say?

You asked for it.
I have answered your call for change.
But I will not be enough.
I am the trigger.
You are scrabbling around trying to fix things in the same old ways that keep you in the hamster wheel.
More systems will fail, leaving you high and dry before you will accept and implement the radical ideas for change that are needed.

Thank you Covid19.


What does Mother Earth have to say? 

Anything more than what you’ve expressed to me already? (I’ve checked in with her a couple of times in the last few weeks. Last I heard she was “enjoying our time-out” and taking the opportunity to repair and regenerate among other things too lengthy to include here.)

After a few moments of silence, I catch a glimpse of her completely absorbed in her own world with her hands on her slightly rounded belly.

She’s pregnant.

Is it a regenerative pregnancy, renewing damaged parts of her body and re-growing? Or is it a new world with new species and new environments? Both? She is the Mother of all Life after all – well, here on Earth anyway. Where do we fit in this cycle of change?


What do the Star and Celestial Beings have to say?

We are giving you as much consciousness-expanding Light-frequency information as we can. We have lifted veils and opened doors to higher knowledge. We are flowing waves of informational frequencies over Earth, flooding your collective field, and your individual energy bodies with the ability and means to receive and comprehend greater consciousness, wisdom and perspectives.

We are doing as much as is allowed by those who call on us; our intervention with humans is limited. We can only facilitate within each individual’s level of capacity – within their parameters of possibility which they themselves set with their beliefs and ideologies – their “story” in other words.

There are many humans who cannot endure either the toxic physical, emotional and mental human conditions, or the intensity of our transmissions, so there will be waves of death. There are many humans who’s consciousnesses are not strong enough to leave the Earth plane upon death, so those Souls will go to a “human heaven” which will prepare them for their next incarnation on Earth, human or otherwise. It is beautiful there, and all-loving as the accounts tell, but it is not the only option. Souls that are strong in their Light can go home to their Star of origin, or another place of preference, or they can choose to return to Earth if they wish.

Why are we in this transition? 

Collectively, you are a runaway train, off the rails and picking up speed. You can’t keep up with your creations or control your trajectory anymore. Those who are tethered spiritually have the best chance of successfully navigating the shifting terrain. These connected ones will have the strength, energy, and the vast resources offered by non-physical beings on Earth and from the Cosmos to help anchor in the new world, rebuild as needed and implement new practices and ways of doing things.

It will continue to be a chaos of disruption for a time as the faulty elements of your self-created world crumble and the new takes hold, and you will go through more waves of intensity as the destruction and birth plays out.

So, it’s not all going to hell in a handbasket? Another great cataclysm that wipes the Earth clean isn’t coming?

No. There is enough Love consciousness among you to pull through. The Earth may go through her own upheavals and shifts which will be challenging enough, but you do not have to fear thunderbolts from space. At this point, you are the cataclysm. In this rite of passage, you are the enemy you must face.

Great. I feel so much better now. But I get it. That’s what all this raising of consciousness is about: self-awareness – knowing and dealing with the “inner demons” so that they are not controlling our thoughts, attitudes and behavior, AS WELL AS awakening to our Divinity – how radiantly beautiful, magnificent, brilliant and creatively powerful we are in our true, loving nature!

This rite of passage we’re in the midst of includes overcoming habits of fear, anxiety, anger, depression, despair, disease, scarcity, greed, self-destruction, etc., healing our wounds and the dysfunctional behavior that results, and exuberantly experiencing ourselves and each other as delightful, loving creators in a cooperative Universe full of other loving beings ready and willing to create with us!

Thank you, Star and Celestial Beings. 


And, last but certainly not least what does the Spirit of Our Future have to say?

You are completing a stage of physical learning necessary to understand innumerable principles of creation. Imagine, a brilliant child in a well-stocked art studio/workshop with every possible medium available and all the tools needed to create anything desired. The child doesn’t know what the tools are for, or how to use them, but there are teachers and helpers available should the child ask for assistance.

Over time, a multi-media masterpiece forms in the middle of the room. There have been mistakes, cover-ups and some parts completely scrapped lying broken and smeared on the floor. The room is a mess with trial and error, many resources all used up, spills, broken tools, half-finished ideas discarded in the corners, paint and clay and scraps everywhere… tears of frustration, loss and victory have been cried; muscles have been strengthened and strained; skills and techniques mastered; blood has been spilled; songs of silliness and sorrow have been sung; hammers pounded; nails driven and wrenched out; blades have been sharpened and you have been carved by your own steel. A masterpiece of experience now stands in monumental glory, and the maturing child has only one task left – to let it go.

Remember this: You are not your creations. They contain your imprint – your blood, sweat, tears and energy, but what you do, or what you make and produce is not who you are. Your true identity is formless and indefinable. You are like cosmic chameleons adapting to different environments and worlds throughout your Soul’s evolution.

It is time now to walk away from what has been and move on to new experience. The wisdom and knowledge of all that you have done will go with you into the next adventure. It is a scary thing to leave the known behind and venture blindly forward, and yet you must. Your future is calling.

Now, see this: The drive (no pun intended) of the current age of humanity has been mobility: transportation, connection, communication. Where can I go and how fast can I get there? And, as you create, so shall you become. Your future is wireless, so to speak.

Imagine being able to transmit or emanate yourself, in whole or in part (ideas, words, voice, feelings, visuals) anywhere on Earth, and eventually beyond without a physical device. Imagine far less dependence on physical materials and resources, thus allowing the Earth to replenish and heal herself. And, with less physical expenditure comes less dependence on physical sustenance. Your food needs will change dramatically, sped up by the fact that you’ve seriously damaged and depleted that resource. The problems caused by depletion are exactly what will spur the hungry and innovative child out the door and into the next classroom!

Your future is frequencies: currents, waves, fields. You will communicate and transport all manner of data including matter via frequency. The matter itself won’t be traveling, but its unique electromagnetic signature can easily be relayed. Where the object appears to exist physically matters less than you think, literally. Things/objects (including yourself) are simply wherever you believe them to be, and you will learn much more about the mechanisms of belief, or more accurately, your ability to maintain focus.

Your physical future is much more fluid than the building block reality you’ve been in and the rules of the game are not as they are now. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! All will be experienced in good time, and quicker than you think, truly! The younger generations are already “wired” for the wireless future ahead. The advances in frequency technology, and human capacity/ability will skyrocket (again, literally and no pun intended!) once you let go of the clunky, mechanistic ways of the soon-to-be past. Your lives will be both simpler and more advanced.

(With this, I “see” tasks/functions/life itself being accomplished with far greater ease: less invasive, less destructive, less heavy-handed. Our physical imprint (carbon footprint, for example) is greatly reduced as our knowledge and use of energetics blossoms. We understand, are in harmony with, and utilize the Natural Order – the inherent operating system that effortlessly and effectively governs the fundamental processes of everything that exists in the Universe.)

So, celebrate all that you are, all that has been, and the glorious, revelrous, astonishing fun of what will be! Even if you do not live this fascinating future in your current lifetime, you have contributed mightily to it, and the Greater You will know it one way or another. Besides, you may want to come back for this!  


WOW! Thank you, Elated Spirit of Our Future! Your mirthful enthusiasm is contagious!

My friends, this is epic for me. For the first time in my adult life, I am excited and invigorated for our future! I can feel it tingling in my blueprint. And, who knows? Maybe I will come back! 🙂


Side note of optional interest: In the writing and editing of this account, I noticed a subtle weaving of each Elder’s message in the others although their tones differed. One common thread was a resounding instruction bordering on admonition to ask for help. The peek-a-boo continuity in their words is somehow comforting to me, and it feels like they were speaking with one Voice. The Voice of Love.