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Butterfly Surprise

Butterfly brings the miracle, the rescue, the answered prayer, a bit of magic, the way out or up, the gift, the Grace – a temporary suspension of hardship, pain or suffering. But, in my conversation with Butterfly today, she also brought me an unexpected surprise! A shift in perspective about “where” we are in the grander scheme of existence and why. But first, let’s get to know Butterfly.

We are little puffs of Spirit’s delight–pure love, joy, bliss, peace, pleasure, ease, grace and beauty. Sometimes, angels, fairies and other non-physical beings merge with us to deliver messages and blessings. Not just to humans, mind you–we flit and flutter the gifts of the Beloved around to all beings on Earth. 

Call on us when you you’re so tangled up in misperception that you can’t see the Truth. Call on us when your pain seems to be all there is. Call on us when you don’t know what else to do. And, especially, call on us in joy and celebration, in beauty and love. 

For a time, we can lift a Soul out of horror, terror, unbearable pain or despair and provide a moment of Grace–the peace, calm and clarity needed to remember that what is being experienced isn’t all there is. We are little pockets of another dimension, here, in this one. We carry the energy of the Love-state and space you came from and to which you will return. We are here to remind you of the REAL reality so that you do not despair or get lost in the pain and suffering experienced in this physical realm. We are here to remind you that you are not alone, way out here in the individuated, separated world. (Here it comes, the surprising bit!)

Actually, because of the extreme level of individuation, your world is nested in the center of many layered dimensions that exist in varying degrees of unification/Oneness. You are, in fact, surrounded by loving beings and worlds–protected, watched over, cared for and assisted when you ask. What’s going on here IS the “leading edge” of evolution and creation but it’s not the edge, it’s the center of all of US. 

The place of creation and evolution is a lightning ball of birth and death. Sparks are flying, flames flare and disappear, wheels upon wheels are turning in all directions and yet all connected, spinning and stopping and rearranging in the mad clock of life and death. Individuals, bodies (such as stones, mountains, oceans, stars, etc.,) groups, nations, entire species, all have a wheel that comes and goes, interchanging and evolving along the way. The world you live in, and the beings in it, are the cradle of existence. You come here to expand what is capable for all beings and all worlds. What is created here, physically and metaphysically, what you work out, what is experienced and learned on the blade of life and death is what makes Infinite possible. Your world is how there is no end to creation. Your world is the evolution of all that is.

Just so you know, “your world” is not limited to planet Earth and Earth is not the only place this is happening. All “places” of life and death are in the center of us all. And, the physical location or position of planetary bodies in what you call the Universe is irrelevant. What IS important is what is produced from the experience of moving through life and death–your own and the life and death of everything in your life. That is the whole point and purpose of this world and why you are in it. In living and dying, existence is.

 WOW Butterfly, I was not expecting all that! Thank you–that actually makes me feel better. I think I’ve been a little tunnel-visioned lately, taking my life too seriously. Thank you for lightening me up!

We do deliver messages remember. 🙂