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Guide Meridian: Spirit Dialogues

In the fall of 2014, while living in the Nevada desert, I met a Guide named Meridian when I requested an Ally spirit. A year later, I moved to Bellingham, WA and was delighted to discover a north/south thoroughfare named Guide Meridian that connects the U.S. and Canada. Oh, the spirits are so funny! I've since moved again but Meridian remains a continually loving and trustworthy Guide, providing insightful and intelligent answers and viewpoints to all manner of questions and topics. Most of the posts are in dialogue (question and answer) form and they are often snippets of an ongoing and broad conversation I have with Meridian and my other spirits. If they seem incomplete, it is so you can ponder and come to your own understanding as Meridian often left me to do. I've found that communicating with spirits can frequently be like connecting the dots. Enjoy! 

Council Fire

May 1, 2020 On Saturday, April 25th, I was guided to ask permission to join a Council Fire with many Elders. I’ve been in attendance off and on every day, and at least one night in my dreams since then. The following is what a few of them had to say. Keep in mind that …

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The Wisdom of Thoth

April 1, 2020 I offer this like a leaf floating on water. You can pick it up or let it drift on by. Until a few weeks ago, Thoth was a distant and largely unfamiliar figure in my mind – part of another culture’s psyche and mythology. I knew no more than the basics about …

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Eating To Stay

I journeyed with Eagle this morning, asking for instruction and assistance in seeing energy directly. As you might know or imagine, lessons with spirits are usually experiential – you just do the thing and learn as you go. So there we were, flying way up high–and since I’m now part Eagle but still with my …

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The Crazy Train

Humanity will go out on the rails of the crazy train because that’s what we are. Brilliant and insane Reckless and brave Wondrous and bizarre Our power is terrifying and our weaknesses are fatal. We are devastatingly creative! But, how else could we be? We were made to live on the edge of impossible. We …

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I’m on a local Malibu FB group and have been witnessing the whole spectrum of human response since the fire in November. Lots of love, kindness, compassion and willingness to help each other as well as judgment and blame regarding how the fire started, who’s responsible, was it deliberate, why there weren’t firemen at my …

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Butterfly Surprise

Butterfly brings the miracle, the rescue, the answered prayer, a bit of magic, the way out or up, the gift, the Grace – a temporary suspension of hardship, pain or suffering. But, in my conversation with Butterfly today, she also brought me an unexpected surprise! A shift in perspective about “where” we are in the …

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