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Access Deep Healing

A shamanic journey following the Path of Return

Unhealed wounds incurred from life's challenges often lead to dysfunction or illness. Together, we'll walk the Path of Return, transforming wounding experiences into strength and wisdom and restoring health and vitality in the wholeness of your Being.


What hurts? What inhibits your joy, peace of mind and creative expression? Do you long to be free?

Being human is not for the faint of heart. We get hurt, sometimes deeply. As we bravely soldier on through our lives, those wounds often move deeper into our psyche so we don't have to look at them and relive the pain. As years go by, these wounds subliminally impact how we move through the world, wreaking havoc on our health, relationships and career. But, we don't have to stay broken, angry, afraid or in pain. The Path of Return is a journey of healing and reclamation, gently rebuilding the self and psyche with self-love, self-empowerment and inner security. Once solid in the Self, your creative power is free to fulfill your heart's desires and share your Beauty with joy and ease.

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    This path is for you if...

    • You feel disconnected and uninspired
    • Traumatic events have left you feeling hurt, powerless, angry or afraid
    • You feel trapped in self-defeating cycles or destructive habits
    • You struggle to understand and cope with troubling events and circumstances
    • You're ready to heal and be free

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    Gaining a Soul Perspective

    Life according to the ego is a turbulent arena of me and everything not me. It is dualistic in nature so that we can have unique experiences and individual expressions. It's natural to have a somewhat limited, self-centric perspective on this level, judging things as right or wrong and good or bad but it's not the whole story. The Soul views life from a much broader context, finding value and opportunity in every experience. One of the deepest gifts of shamanic work is to become reacquainted with your Soul's Perspective. It shows you what there is to learn and gain from your interactions and, if you let it, guides you into ever-deepening joy, abundance and contentment. The turbulent experience of feeling subject to the conditions and circumstances of life is now replaced by a steady faith in your ability to gain the most from whatever revel or challenge presents itself. When you trust your Soul, you see that everything, no matter what it looks like to the ego, is an opportunity to give and receive love - more and deeper.

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    The journey to wholeness

    Moving from a fragmented state to wholeness requires courage, desire and a willingness to see yourself honestly but with a lot of love and compassion. The things that hurt are often the things we try to hide because they usually come with feelings of shame, guilt, fear or pain, sometimes in debilitating overwhelm. Guided by your own Soul and our combined spirit helpers we will walk a sacred path to the wounded and lost parts of you that are ready to be healed and reintegrated. As your inner world is restored and revitalized, your outer world begins to reflect the peace, health, and harmony of your true Self - your Whole Self.

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    After this work, you will enjoy...

    • More clarity, confidence and optimism
    • Freedom from old fears and dysfunctional patterns that no longer serve you
    • Increased energy and capacity to engage in life
    • A sense of belonging and connection with all of Life and the natural world
    • Positive shifts in relationships, health and career

Let’s transform your wounds into strength and wisdom. Let's walk the Path of Return. The Way of Beauty is calling you.

Grounding Path: 3 sessions

To support and stabilize you through an immediate crisis or provide a boost in the midst of a longer-term healing process regardless of the type of therapy or treatment; e.g. cancer treatment, psychotherapy, trauma recovery, etc.

Wellness Path: 6 sessions

To restore the natural state of well-being around a specific issue, wound or traumatic event, e.g. trust, self-worth, loss, childhood events, relationship, health or prosperity issues.

Freedom Path: 10 sessions

To heal, release, repair and retrain on the deepest levels for maximum transformation. This is a process of rebirthing that leads to self-mastery, inner authority and creative empowerment.

Single Sessions Available

All private sessions are provided in exchange for a free will offering.

This work is valuable - worthy of honor and respect. Those who truly seek it will give appropriately according to their means.


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